Saturday, February 18, 2017

More Deportees Received From Mozambique

Tanzanian deportees from Mozambique have increased to 193, Mtwara Regional Immigration Officer Rose Mhagama said here yesterday.
The troubled Tanzanians were seen entering the country from the Southern African state, through Kilambo village in Mtwara district.
Ms Mhagama said the first batch of 58 expelled Tanzanians arrived in the country in the past three days followed by the second batch of 122. The regional immigration boss said that another group of 13 people yesterday increased the number to 193.
"They (deportees) are coming in a very poor condition and we are shocked to see our fellow Tanzanians being tyrannised to this extent by the neighbours with whom we have blood relationship... what kind of operation that doesn't even respect human rights," she queried.

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