Monday, December 14, 2015

Kim Kradashian on Africa

Kim Kardashian is known for her voluptuous b00ty. That’s all. That is what brought about all her money and fame.

It all started with her releasing a s3xtape with American hip hop tycoon Raj J. The tape gave the two the publicity of their lifetime.
Many supported the tape but equally it received a lot of criticism, especially for Kim.

But the two did not care what people say. They took and used the positive one’s to their advantage and ignored the negative.

But as Africans there are things that we cannot ignore. Especially someone referring to our continent as ‘untidy zone for s3xy model’.

That is what Kim said about SA last week. She was approached by a liquor manufacturing company to officiate the launch of the drink in Johannesburg.

She turned down the offer through her marketing manager but later on decided to personally pass the hateful message. She says that her skin is too s3xy to be on African soil.

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