Monday, August 22, 2011

israeli palestine conflict

Palestinian militants fired at least
17 more rockets into Israel
Sunday and the Israeli military
launched an air strike in the
Gaza Strip during the region's
fourth straight day of violence.
Overall, the violence has claimed
the lives of 15 Palestinians, nine
Israelis and five Egyptians.
Palestinian police say Israeli
troops arrested scores of Hamas
members Sunday in the
southern West Bank, just hours
after the most recent rocket
attacks from Gaza on Israel's
The Israeli military and
Palestinian militants have carried
out back-and-forth attacks since
Palestinian ambushes inside
Israel near the Egyptian border
killed eight Israelis on Thursday.
Israel says militants in the
Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip have
fired more than 100 rockets into
southern Israel in the past days.
One rocket attack killed an
Israeli man. The Israeli air
strikes have killed mostly
Palestinian militants. Civilians on
both sides have been wounded.
Five Egyptian police officers
were killed on the Israel-Egypt
border as Israeli troops pursued
the initial Palestinian attackers.
The deaths sparked outrage in
The Arab League has
condemned the Israeli air
assaults. In a statement Sunday,
the group called on the U.N.
Security Council to take
necessary procedures to end the
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud
Barak on Saturday expressed
regret for the deaths of the
Egyptian officers and said Israel
will conduct a full investigation
with the Egyptian military.
Egypt's government said the
response was "not enough."
Protesters outside the Israeli
embassy in Cairo cheered when
a man climbed atop the building
and removed the Israeli flag,
replacing it with an Egyptian
Egypt's military-backed
government said it would recall
its ambassador to Israel to
protest the killing of the
Egyptian officers.
Some information for this report
was provided by AP, AFP and

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